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What do we mean by 'locks'?
What do we mean by 'locks'?

From PINs to patterns, account locks to parental locks...

Updated over a week ago

When we ask if you've removed all locks, this includes:

  • any PINs/passcodes/swipe patterns

  • iCloud or Google account locks

  • Parental locks

It doesn't mean:

  • your phone must be unlocked to all network providers.

In other words, your device can be 'locked' to a specific network provider (e.g. EE) and you can still sell it to us.

Why removing your locks is important

We can also accept phones with active PINs/account locks. But, as these can only be recycled, they won't have much โ€“ if any โ€“ monetary value.

So if you can remove the PINs/account locks then you will get a better value for your item as it can be refurbished and rehomed โ€“ย and live out its full potential.

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