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How do I find my device's storage...
How do I find my device's storage...

... and what does it even mean?

Updated over a week ago

In most devices, you just need to head to 'Settings' and your storage capacity will be listed there.

In Apple Devices, it's at Settings > General > About or Settings > General > Device (depending on what make and model you have).

Otherwise, it will either be called Storage or Capacity. Some devices will be different – in which case a quick Google search should help.

Still can't find it?

If you can't find it or your device doesn't turn on, just choose 'Not sure' and we'll work it out for you later.

What is storage?

Storage enables a device to retain data, either temporarily or permanently. Measured in megabytes (mb), gigabytes (gb) and terabytes (tb), storage is a fundamental part of most digital devices. It allows users to preserve all kinds of information such as videos, documents, pictures and raw data.

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