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What happens after I've posted my tech?
What happens after I've posted my tech?

What happens next and how long does it take?

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Here's a quick overview.

(Note: we send you regular email updates and you can also follow your device's journey in your Spring account...)

1. Arrival at our workshop

Once you have dropped off your tech at the Post Office, it’ll be delivered to our workshop (usually the next working day).

You can track the shipping using the tracking number on your proof of postage.

2. Tech Health Check

We’ll carefully check it over, confirm its value and let you know what it is (usually within 24 hours of receiving it). You'll get a full Tech Health Report (which you can see under your device in your Spring account).

If we identify a problem (such as locks) we'll let you know and tell you what we need from you.

3. It's... payday!

If you accept your Final Value, your money will be in your Spring account immediately. You can then withdraw funds into your bank account (or if you're feeling generous, we give you the option to donate to a range of good causes too).

Haven't heard anything from us?

If you don’t hear anything from us after 5 working days, please contact us on Live Chat or and we’ll let you know the latest.

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