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How to send a Spring Pouch?
How to send a Spring Pouch?
Updated over a week ago

With a Spring Pouch, the first thing you need to do (if we sent it to you) is remove the address label (you don't want it coming back!).


  1. Scan the QR code with the camera app on your phone, tap the website link and follow the instructions.

  2. Open the Pouch and take out the Pre-Paid Delivery label & security seal.

  3. Pop your tech in the Pouch.

  4. Roll and close the Pouch, sealing the velcro.

  5. Apply the Pre-Paid delivery label in the white space on the pouch.

  6. Apply the security seal over the opening.

  7. Take the Pouch to the Post Office.

Our Pouches need to be taken to the Post Office rather than a standard post box so it can be fully tracked and insured. (Don't worry โ€“ you won't need to pay a penny). You'll get a receipt which is your 'Proof of delivery' so take a picture and keep it safe.

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