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What do Subscribe and Book mean?
What do Subscribe and Book mean?

In the Spring Shop you can buy tech but what are the other options?

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You can buy expertly refurbished and quality checked devices in our BackMarket shop.

But we're also trying to change the way the world consumes tech, so we have a few other options too.


Short-term rentals up to 12 weeks. This would be great to briefly try out a device or two to see which you prefer, or for something like a GoPro or camera you only need for an event or holiday.

You pay upfront and return the device at the end of your chosen timeframe which could be anytime between one day or 12 weeks.


This is currently a three month trial of monthly tech subscription. You'll pay a monthly cost for the device each month. We will own the device but this means you'll have complete freedom and flexibility - you can swap or stop anytime.

During the trial we'll be asking for feedback along the way and you'll have front-row access and input to a whole bunch of new Spring features!

Please note - Neither bookings or subscriptions are regulated consumer hire agreements

What about damage?

All booked or subscribed devices come with a lifetime warranty which covers hardware and software issues for free!

This doesn't cover loss, theft or accidental damage. So if you lose or damage an item please let us know ASAP. There will be situations where you will need to pay for the items value in full or to cover the cost of repairs.

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