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Environments is an Enterprise feature that allows a direct connection to be set up between different live database environments for instant comparison against project revisions. This feature also supports DDL upload for comparisons against other projects or fixed project milestones.

SqlDBM supports live connections to Snowflake, Azure Synapse Analytics, Databricks, and BigQuery.

Create an Environment

To add environments, select the "Environments" panel from the left menu.

Connect via Direct Connection

Select the "+" button to add a new environment.

For supported databases, Direct Connection is the default connection method. You can toggle between direct and static DDL methods using the corresponding icons on the top left of the screen.

Name your environment and select an icon for easy reference.

Click the Connect to DW button and provide the connection details on the next screen.

For connections that support it, SSO may be used here. Otherwise, user username and password will be required. See the related article at the end of this page for more information.

Click on the database from the list of available databases available for import and choose the desired schema(s).

Your environment is now set up and ready for future reference.

Connect via static DDL upload

From the Environments screen, select the "+" button to add a new environment.

Click the up icon ("Upload DDL Script") to switch to static DDL mode.

Name your environment and select an icon for easy reference.

Click the Continue button and provide the DDL on the next screen.

Paste your DDL directly into the text box provided or upload from a file using the upload file icon on the bottom right.

Press the "Apply and close" button to finish creating the environment.

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