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Direct Connect - Allowlisting and Private Networking
Direct Connect - Allowlisting and Private Networking

Ensuring that SqlDBM connectivity works with existing corporate networking and IT policies

Written by Serge Gershkovich
Updated over a week ago

Corporate networking and security policies may interfere with direct connect connectivity between SqlDBM and your cloud platform. An easy way to diagnose this type of issue is by attempting to connect to your cloud data platform from a home computer without using a VNP or any corporate software.

To ensure that SqlDBM works with your organization's networking and IT policies, please review the relevant topics covered in this article.

IP Allowlisting

To ensure that the SqlDBM application can reach your cloud data platform, ask an admin with account admin access to check if IP Allowlisting is enabled.

Ask the admin to add the SqlDBM IP address to the policy:

Application Allowlisting

If your organization has a network policy in place with allowlist blocking, you will need to add SqlDBM to the list.

Private Networking (Private Link)

Private Networking (a.k.a PrivateLink/Private Link, offered by various CDPs) is a security feature that is only available as an add-on product. Please contact to find out more.

Private networking example using AWS:

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