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Slack App for XPayroll - A Guide
Slack App for XPayroll - A Guide

A quick and handy reference for XPayroll's Slack app

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Hey there 👋

A lot of organizations who use XPayroll also use workspace tools like Slack, MS Teams amongst others.

We also realized that a lot of common actions taken by the employee and the admin require them to log in to the dashboard to do these common tasks.

So we thought why not merge both? 🤷 And voila! 🤩

The RazorpayX Payroll Slack App brings the functionality of XPayroll right within Slack so your team doesn't need to continuously log in to do routine tasks.

We've rolled out the first version of the app which enables the following from within Slack

  1. Leave: Employees can apply for leaves and get notified of leave status; Admins and managers can approve/reject leaves

    • Command - /apply-leave

  2. Who's on leave: Employees and the team can check their team members who are on leave for the next 5 days.

    • Command - /on-leave

  3. Check your leave balance instantly

    • Command - /leave-balance

  4. Reimbursements: Employees can apply for reimbursements and get notified of the status; Admins and managers can approve/reject reimbursements

    • Command - /reimburse

  5. Employees can View payslips directly on Slack without the need to login into the system

    • Command - /payslip

  6. Employees get quick access to the organization’s upcoming holiday list

    • Command - /holiday

  7. Attendance: Organizations that use XPayroll for attendance now have it even easier. Employees can check in and check out right from Slack with the help of simple commands.

    • Commands - /check-in and /check-out

Video guide to the app

Here's a quick video walkthrough for you to setup the XPayroll App on your Slack workspace and getting started on the same.

Guide in text is below 👇🏼

Admin's Guide

The admin has the most important role to play! They have the power to integrate the Slack app onto your workspace

How to integrate with Slack?

The Slack integration can only be enabled by your organization's Slack Admin

  1. Go to the Admin Options > Settings

  2. Select the Edit option for Integrations > Slack (this is towards the end of the page)

  3. Click the 'Connect to Slack' button. You will be redirected to a Slack permissions page.

  4. Make sure you have the correct workspace selected on the upper right-hand side and click 'Allow'.

  5. Done! 🎉

What's Next?

  1. Notify your team that you've installed the App for them to start using it

  2. Sit back and relax ⛱️

PS - Your XPayroll admin and Slack admin may be different. Do check if you have the right permissions to install the app.

Team Guide

After the admin installs the app, your team needs to set up their account and they can start using it.

Setting up their account

  • Once the admin installs the app, the next step is for your team to connect their Slack accounts with XPayroll

  • This is a very simple process

    1. Your team needs to type in /xpayroll within Slack and it will ask them to connect their account. This is required for us to identify the member on Slack and connect to the XPayroll account

    2. Hit Connect and get redirected to XPayroll to log in and connect their account.

    3. Done! 🎉

  • Once this is complete, your team gets access to the app and can start using it for leaves, reimbursements, holidays and payslips

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