Technical Requirements for Contact Center

Computer Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Processor: 2.0GHz Intel Core i3 or better
Free Space: 20GB or 10% of main drive
USB Port: 2.0 (at least 1 free)
OS: Windows 10, MAC OS Mojave
Wired Internet Connection

Recommended Requirements

Processor: 3.0GHz Intel Core i5 or better
Free Space: 20GB or 10% of main drive
USB Port: 3.0 (at least 1 free)
OS: Windows 10, MAC OS Catalina
Wired Internet Connection

Note: Using a faster computer will provide a more reliable connection when non-Ytel programs (like your CRM or other web applications) use system resources heavily. Underpowered computers can exhibit choppy audio (“jitter”) that may result in a terminated connection.

Operating Systems

Contact Center requires Mac OS Mojave, Windows 10 or newer, or ChromeOS*.

Note: anti-virus, firewall, or other software-based system monitoring utilities may cause unintended performance issues and may need to be adjusted and/or disabled.

*ChromeOS requires the use of a wired USB headset. While Bluetooth headsets are supported on certain Chromebook models - the headsets must work natively and not require 3rd party drivers/software. Ytel recommends you use a wired USB headset for best performance. In addition, while Ytel produces and services do work on a variety of Chromebooks, not all makes, models, or manufacturers are supported. Ytel offers no guarantees regarding the functionality of its services on Chromebooks.

Internet Browsers

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Note: Click above links to download/update your browser(s).

If you haven’t updated to the latest browser version and cleared your browser cache & cookies, there may be performance degradation with products that use the Ytel Webphone. 

We recommend clearing all components of your cache, except for stored passwords. Here’s how to clear your cache:

Headset Recommendations

We recommend a quality USB headset from such brands as Logitech, Plantronics, Panasonic, or Jabra. Look for features like:

  • Noise cancellation
  • In-line or on-ear audio controls
  • Mute functionality

Ytel does not recommend Bluetooth, wireless or analog headsets with a "traditional" mini pin connector.

Network Equipment

A clean, high-speed network is required.

Ytel recommends enterprise grade telecommunications equipment. Avoid "consumer grade" or ISP supplied routers. We suggest Juniper, Cisco, or Ubiquiti.  

Network hubs are not recommended. Switches costing $250 or less are generally not recommended.


Create firewall rules to open ports to/from Ytel.


  • Allow all traffic from your network to ours (TCP & UDP)
  • Allow all traffic from our network to yours (TCP & UDP)

Ytel Network

These are our IP addresses in case you want to adjust your firewalls:


Note: We employ remote non-intrusive diagnostic and monitoring tools that rely on ICMP. For best performance, please enable on your end.


Minimum Requirements

5 Mbps per agent on your network
Example: 50 agents = 250 Mbps*

Recommended Requirements

10 Mbps per agent on your network  
Example: 50 agents = 500 Mbps* 

Running Ytel Contact Center at minimum recommendations requires an expert network administrator to shape traffic.  Ytel’s web interface and softphone combined will consume approximately 500-1000 Kbps running WebRTC.  The Ytel products and services require uninterrupted communication between your workstations and our data centers.

*Note: Internet speed needs to be symmetrical.

30 Mbps Down
10 Mbps up
Wired Ethernet Connection

Setting Up New Workstations

Verify WebRTC connectivity by using our echo test at Click the “Start” button and verify there’s two-way audio.

Internet Service Provider

Ytel operates a redundant network using BGP. Our Asynchronous System number is 53591

We use such providers as:

  • NTT America
  • Internap (INAP)
  • Level 3
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Public and private peering

If you are unable to establish business services with one of the named providers, choose a reputable provider with a direct connection to one of our preferred providers. We recommend against using consumer grade Internet providers.

Please be advised that WIRELESS, MICROWAVE, or SATELLITE systems are not supported by Ytel. Using your mobile phone as a wireless hotspot is neither recommended nor supported.

Need Advanced Help?

Ytel’s engineering team has extensive telecommunications experience and is dedicated to providing industry leading support. 

Email us at or call at 800.382.4913

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