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  • Examples of customized emails

  • How to customize your email templates

  • Updating your email subject lines

  • Designing your abandoned cart email

Examples of customized emails

First abandoned cart email:

Follow up abandoned cart Email:

How to customize your email templates

1. In the Abandoned Cart Recovery app admin, go to Abandoned Cart Emails

2. Click the tab of the recovery email you'd like to edit

3. Scroll down to the Customize Recovery Email Template section to access the customization tools

Updating your email subject lines

1. Simply click on the Subject text box

2. Update your subject line text

💡 Pro Tip: 33% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone. Use merge tags to make your email subject line relevant and personalized using your member and abandoned cart data.

3. Click Save Template

Designing your abandoned cart email

Add your own branded header banner, then customize your email message with the easy-to-use email customization tool.

In your email template editor you can:

  • Click the header banner section to add your own custom banner to the email

  • Click the Magic wand icon to choose your text style

  • Edit your font settings, such as font family and color. If you want to remove font styling, simply click the eraser icon

  • Highlight text and change its color

  • Insert tables and lists

  • Insert images from your computer or the web

Once the image has been uploaded, you can alter the image size, alignment or remove it. 

💡 Pro Tip: The optimal email image width is 480px to make sure that your image is visible and doesn't disrupt your email layout.  

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