📬 Send emails to recover sales

Use Abandoned Cart Emails to remind customers that they haven't completed their purchase and encourage them to return to your store.

✨Entice customers to stay

The Exit Intent Pop-up allows you to give your customers a little something special to stay and complete their order as they are about to leave the page. Adding a discount or free shipping could be just the incentive they need complete their purchase.

🛒 Be present wherever your customers are

With Persistent Cart your customers' carts will never be lost again. When shopping on one device the items will stay in their cart, even if they switch to a different device. 

🎨 Customize your communication

Take control of your message by customizing recovery emails and pop-ups. Make sure your communication is always on brand and in your voice.

📈 Monitor the performance

Use the app's insights to track how the different features are performing - the customers that have been effected, the success of recoveries and most importantly, how much $ has been recovered 💰

🚴  Take your abandoned cart features for a spin     

See how your Abandoned Cart Recovery campaign works by trying it yourself. 

Have a go:

  1. Add yourself as a new customer and add products to your cart

  2. Leave the items in your cart and proceed to leave your store website
    - You'll see your exit intent pop-up
    - After your specified time has elapsed, you'll receive your abandoned cart email

  3. Visit your store on a phone or tablet and see the products you originally added to your cart sill in there, ready to be purchased  🛒

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