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  • Create a Shopify discount code

  • Add the discount code to your abandoned cart email

Create a Shopify discount code

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Discounts

2. Click Create discount

3. In the Discount code field, enter the code you would like to use for an additional discount

📝 Note: You can automate discount codes by selecting the 'Generate code' link

4. In the Options box, enter the discount type. Enter the monetary or percentage discount amount in the Discount value field

5. In the Applies to field, select what the discount will be for: Entire order, Specific collections, or Specific products

📝 Note: If the discount applies to a specific collection or product, use the search field or the Browse button to add them to the discount. If you want to remove a collection or product from the discount, then click X to delete it from the list.

6. Select your Minimum requirement (if any) from the options

7. In the Customer eligibility section, select which customers this discount will apply to

📝 Note: To ensure that your customers have no trouble recovering their abandoned cart, we recommend that these discounts are set to apply to everyone.

8. In the Usage limits section, you can determine how many times a discount can be used

  • Limit number of times this discount can be used in total lets you set a total number of times a discount can be used

  • Limit to one per customer tracks customer emails to limit discount use to one per customer

📝 Note: The same code will be shown for all members, so we suggest to set Usage Limits to 'Limit to one use per customer'.

9. Select a date in the Active dates calendar to determine when your discount will go live. If you would like to limit how long the discount will go for, simply tick the box and select an end date in the calendar.

10. Click Save

Add the discount code to your abandoned cart email

1. In the Abandoned Cart Recovery app, Click on the Abandoned Cart Emails tab

2. Select the recovery email you'd like to add the code to

3. Under Abandoned Cart Email Offer, add the Shopify coupon code you created

When the customer clicks through their email, the coupon code will automatically be added to their checkout, ready for them to complete their cart. 

You can then click Preview to see how the email will look, or click Save & test to finish.

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