We need your name to match the ID

It's common that you've shortened your name e.g. Michael to Mike. If you go to your Account Details in Settings, change your name, and re-upload from your Payment Settings it'll retry.

The photo doesn't quite have the full ID, or you can't see it properly

Accidentally covering numbers on your ID with your thumb will mean it's rejected unfortunately. This is most common with passports, because it turns out those numbers at the bottom are important too. 

Sometimes the photo flash will mean you can't see the ID properly, or if you've got a really blurry photo and it's not readable it's likely to be rejected.

Something like this please: 😀

It needs to be the right kind of ID

UK citizen? Passports and driving licences are what you'll need.
If you're not from the UK, only a passport will work.

Other reasons include:

  1. Document has expired - it's out of date 
  2. Document incomplete - in some cases you may need to take a picture of the front and back

All your photos of your ID are removed and not stored anywhere, by us or any third party.

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