We understand that you may not want to join Glide, and we have an option for that too.
What you need to do depends on which services you have with acasa, here is a breakdown of instructions for all services. 

Octopus Energy 🐙 

The lead tenant (whoever receives the Octopus emails) needs to set up an online account with Octopus Energy - the account number looks like this A-00000000, and can be found on the last email your received from Octopus or by logging into your online account.
Using the online account, you will set up a Direct Debit with Octopus directly.

Zone Broadband 💻 

You will need to set up payment directly with Zone for your account number (e.g  ZB000). You can also cancel the contract, in which case you would need to pay off the full length of the contract through acasa.

Virgin Media 💻 

WARNING - You'll need to pay the whole of your remaining contract up front. Your service will continue and we'll stop billing you on a monthly basis.

Water 💧 

You'll need to contact your water supplier to set up a new account as of 1st April 2020. They will send acasa a final bill (or refund) up to that date, which we'll pass on to you.

TV Licensing 📺 

We'll shut down your TV Licence and you'll be responsible for setting up a new one directly from 1st April.

If you choose this option and do not follow the instructions, you may end up in serious debt to the suppliers. 

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