First of all, thank you for your patience.

Please bear with us during this time as we process the final bills and refunds. We have staff in place to manage the process but are unfortunately (and perhaps understandably) struggling to maintain fast responses in light of the coronavirus pandemic and reduced numbers of staff. Thanks very much for your patience.


Your monthly payments for water, which you historically paid each month through acasa, are estimated amounts which aim to roughly match the usage and charges used by the by the water company for your property. They are NOT necessarily the exact amount the water company charges. As a result, when closing down the water account, there will be a final statement from the water company outlining the exact charges for the property up to the end of the account. This may result in either a refund or final bill being added to compensate for the difference between the amount paid in monthly estimated payments, compared to the exact amount charged by the water company.

acasa will close your existing water account as of 31st March. As we shut the accounts down, we typically receive the final statement within a few weeks. We then process these final bills and enter the details into your acasa app, either providing you the refund or charging for a final bill. We can't give an exact timeline, but will send corresponding emails and push notifications to inform you of this when it's ready.

Meanwhile, Glide will set up a NEW water account for you beginning 1st April, and you will continue to pay Glide for any usage after that date.

You will never pay twice for the same service (water supply) for the same period to both acasa and Glide, even though (as outlined above) the final charges may appear after some time in acasa, before your account can be finalised and shut down.


When moving to Glide, your energy supply will be switched from Octopus Energy to Glide. This takes a few weeks so will not have occurred on exactly 1st April. You will be paying Glide a monthly amount going forwards to cover the energy that is used.

Note: You can access your Octopus account on their website - all you need to register is your Octopus account number which is in any Octopus emails you receive from either us or them, and can also be seen in the bills / services section of the mobile apps or website. Your Octopus account shows all your statements and any balances due. We (acasa) are unfortunately not able to see the details of your account; we only have the final bill amount.

Your historical monthly charges reflect an estimated amount that we have calculated for your property's energy usage. This means that the payments will not perfectly match the total owed to Octopus. Once the account is fully switched to Glide, the account with Octopus will be closed. acasa will then receive a final statement from Octopus and can prepare a refund or final bill which will appear in the app. We will also send corresponding emails and push notifications to inform you of this.

If you have any concerns about your usage (such as if you suspect you may be using less energy as have temporarily moved out, or cannot provide a meter reading), this is not a significant issue necessarily. Without meter readings, Glide and Octopus will agree an estimated meter reading and close the accounts accordingly. In future (eg. when you have access to the property again, or if the landlord takes a reading in future, and provides it to Glide), they will be able to help adjust your payments to ensure you don't pay for energy you haven't used. Please bear in mind however, that even if you use absolutely no energy at all, there are still daily charges for the provision of energy which will add up to some amount anyway.

Octopus Energy has answers to any other questions around this topic on their help page, too.

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