We understand that due to the current global pandemic, people are worried about their finances and trying to save where they can. To help you understand what this means for your utility bills, we have written this article. 

Firstly, we'd like to note that acasa will not be taking any further monthly bill payments as your accounts are in the process of transferring to our partner Glide, or into your own names.

I've moved out of my house due to COVID-19

It is important that you are in communication with your landlord or letting agency to find out their stance on paying your utility bills, as you are legally responsible for payment of bills throughout your tenancy, in accordance with your tenancy agreement. 

This means that even if you have moved out of the house due to Coronavirus, but your tenancy agreement is still ongoing, you are responsible for payment of the bills. 

Can I get a reduction in my bills?

For energy and metered water, it is likely that, if you are not living in the house, your usage will be significantly lower.
We suggest that you speak to Glide or your suppliers about this, however, the suppliers may need meter readings to be able to lower your bills. 

For fixed cost bills, such as broadband and unmetered water, the monthly bill will remain the same. However, by contacting the suppliers directly, there may be other ways they can help. 

With your TV Licence, if you are not in the house and therefore not using your TV, you do not need a TV Licence. You can speak to Glide about removing this off your account.

For a more general overview of what to do if you cannot pay your bills, including rent, mortgages and any other debts, please see the Citizens Advice Bureaux link below.

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