Logging in to your Octopus Energy account

  • You’ll need your Octopus Energy account number; this can be seen in the "Services" section of the acasa app, or on the acasa website (login using your acasa account). Your Octopus account number looks like A-########.

  • Go to the Octopus Energy login page.

  • You’ll be prompted to login with your Octopus account (this is different to your acasa account). You'll need to register your account if you haven't already done so.

You can view your statements, or set up your payment details by adding a Direct Debit to the Octopus account directly.

Having trouble accessing the account?

There is only one Octopus account shared between all housemates. Whoever originally booked your Octopus Energy service (through acasa) will have been contacted by Octopus and may have already set up the account. Please check if any of your housemates have done this first. The account holder can reset their Octopus password if they cannot remember it. You can ask acasa (support@helloacasa.com) if you need to see who booked the service originally.

What if I’ve moved out already?

You are still liable for any final bill, and will need to make sure Octopus knows you’ve moved out. You can do this easily by accessing your Octopus dashboard via the instructions above. You can also upload any meter readings you have directly to the Octopus dashboard as well.

Struggling to pay?

It's important that you contact Octopus if you have concerns or are struggling about paying your bills. You should start by accessing the account (instructions above). If you owe anything, you won't necessarily need to pay the debit balance off in one go; if a payment plan is required, it won't feature interest but it’s important that it is started as soon as possible.

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