We use a passwordless log in process at accredit.ly so that we can always guarantee that person owns the email account they are using. This is also how we place ownership of accreditations (e.g an accreditation is issued to a specific email account).

Each time you go to your accredit.ly login page, you will enter the email address you use to log in and instantly get an email with a passwordless link which will send you back to the accredit.ly homepage.

Note: you will need click on the link sent in the email in the same browser as the one you were logging into.

Passwordless connections in Auth0 allow users to login without the need to remember a password. This makes for an improved user experience, particularly on mobile applications, since users only need an email address or phone number to sign up and the credential used for authentication is automatically validated after sign-up. It also enhances security since users avoid the insecure practice of using the same password for many purposes. Lastly it requires less effort for you since you will not need to implement a password reset procedure!

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