A number of things happen after the customer completes the Dealer Widget process:

  • The customer sees the offer page, with the price and the breakdown of the pricing -- exactly how the price was calculated. Things like mileage, options, and condition can drastically add or subtract value.

  • The customer receives an email with the summary of the evaluation.

  • If enabled, your CRM will be updated with the customer lead.

  • The dealer receives a notification that a customer has completed the form.

  • You will now see the vehicle in your Accu-Trade account's Prospects list. Its source will be shown as Dealer Website. Double-click it to view.

  • You can now view the details, and when the customer brings you the vehicle for physical inspection, click the Start Appraisal button at the top to convert to an appraisal. The price will then be in effect for 72 hours, and you can confirm the car's actual condition. (Note that you can refresh the appraisal later, but the price may change depending on market conditions.)

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