If you have multiple systems and one of your systems has reverted to the backup database here are some things to check to get it back to primary database. 1) Make sure you have a physical connection to the server or pc that is acting as the primary, this is normally monitor1. 2) Check and make sure you have an IP address that is on the same network as the other Actall PCs. 3) Try and ping the IP address of the main monitor PC/server, if you cannot ping the main PC/server check the network. 4) If you can ping the main PC/server, the database may have been locked up for some reason. You can attempt to restart the main PC/server and the PC that is saying backup database. 5) If you have restarted the PCs and still says backup database go to the PC that says backup database and do the following steps: Press start button > select computer >  at the very top there is an address bar with "Computer" in it, select in this area > type "\\PCNAME\cc5" (replace PCNAME with the pc name of the main monitoring PC/server) press enter > type a username and password > restart Crisis Controller, does it now say Primary database? > reboot the PC.

If your PC still says backup database after attempting the above steps, give us a call or if you would like someone from the Actall team to come to your site to complete a system assessment, or if you (or your staff) would like additional system training, please let us know.  1-800-598-1745.


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