All versions of Actall's Crisis Controller software include a "Report" feature which allows end users to quickly generate system and device reports.  This is a quick "How To" guide to running these reports.

All reports are generated when the software is in Admin Mode.  (proper credentials are needed to access Admin Mode.  Some images may appear slightly different depending on the version of Crisis Controller - but will not impact the ability to run reports. Images for PALS 9000 and ATLAS are shown.)

To get started, make sure the software is running in Admin Mode.  Select 'Report' from the menu bar.

You should notice that the drop menu is divided into 2 sections.  When selecting items above the line, a list style report will be generated for the device type that is selected.  For items with an arrow ">" a drop menu is displayed giving you additional items to select and display in a list style report.

When selecting items below the line a window will open and display additional options. The type of report that is generated can now be modified by selecting a station, entering a date range, or adding filters.

All reports will display in a 'Report Viewer' window within the crisis controller software. From this display users can export, print or refresh (personalize) the report with a different heading.

For any questions about reports, please give us a call or email any time.

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