During an initial system set up, or when maintaining an existing system, simple tests are typically conducted to make sure personal transmitters are working properly.  This test usually involves pressing a button on a transmitter and waiting for the alarm to sound in the Crisis Controller software.  Occasionally the test will fail and an alarm is not received.  The first reaction may be that the transmitter is malfunctioning, but from time to time a receiver may be causing the failure.  

Checking the receiver status is a simple process.  While in monitoring mode, log in as the super user.  In the 'Alarm' section of the screen, select the 'System Messages' tab to determine if the receiver is responding or not.  If the text indicates the 'receiver is not responding', make sure the receiver is plugged in and getting power.  Also double check the connection between the device and the cpu.  

If power and connection are good and the system message still indicates the receiver is not responding - Give us a call 1-800-598-1745 and our support team will assist with additional troubleshooting.

If you would like someone from the Actall team to come to your site to complete a system assessment, or if you (or your staff) would like additional system training, please let us know.  1-800-598-1745.

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