In this article, we'll review how you can edit or delete a transaction linked from Actionstep to Xero.


Once the link between Actionstep and Xero is established any invoice or payment created in Actionstep will be pushed to Xero. Actionstep and Xero maintain a link for this transaction. When these transactions are linked Actionstep will prevent users from making changes to these them. Therefore, in order to make changes to these transactions in Actionstep users will need to unlink them from Xero.

Unlinking Invoices and Payments

Go to Admin>Integrations>Manage (Xero)>Select the type of transaction that you would like to unlink.

Select the box that corresponds with the entry you would like to unlink and then select "Unlink from". This will unlink that item from Xero.


Unlinked transactions still exist in both Actionstep and Xero. This means that you will likely need to go into Xero to edit or delete the transaction there.

Best Practice Scenarios

Need to edit/delete a payment

Step 1: Delete the payment in Xero
Step 2: Unlink the Payment
Step 3: Delete or Edit (and resave) the Payment in Actionstep

Payments which are edited and reposted will be recreated in Xero assuming that the invoice that is being paid is still linked.

Need to edit/delete an invoice

Step 1: Delete the invoice and any associated payments in Xero
Step 2: Unlink the Invoice and any associated payments in Actionstep
Step 3: Delete any associated payment in Actionstep
Step 4: Revert the Invoice in Actionstep to Draft
Step 5: Delete or Edit and Repost the Invoice in Actionstep
Step 6: If applicable, create a new invoice payment in Actionstep.

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