The application allows you to connect your external sensors and display the corresponding data in one of the screens of the glasses.

Only Bluetooth sensors are compatible with the ActiveLook application, 'ANT +' sensors cannot be paired.

To connect a sensor, select 'Add a sensor' in the 'settings' tab of the application (4th tab). Your sensor must be powered ON and functional to be detected. Note that some sensor are only turning on when in use.

Once paired, the data will be automatically displayed at the start of a next sports session.

The application allows the connection of the following sensors:

  • HRM, heart rate monitors

  • Pedaling cadence sensor

  • Bike speed sensor (the corresponding wheel size must be set in the configuration menu)

  • Power sensor (here also, the option of power smoothing is available in the settings menu)

Are you having difficulty connecting your sensor? Try to uninstall and then reinstall the application. Otherwise, let us know the reference of your sensor in the return form to allow our development teams to investigate the problem.

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