Your ActiveLook glasses feature a gesture sensor. This sensor is positioned behind the lens of your left eye.

Waving your hand in front of the sensor will trigger a change of the data page. Hence allowing to navigate your various pre-defined screens.

To activate it, simply pass your hand near this sensor (between 3 and ~ 10cm approximately).

Experiment to familiarize yourself with its sensitivity.

To activate or deactivate the gesture sensor, check or uncheck the option 'activate the gesture sensor' in the 'glasses' tab of the application. This option is only accessible once your pair of glasses is connected to the application.

Once a sports session has started, this gesture will allow you to navigate through the different data screens that you have selected.

Once you reach the last data screen, the next gesture detected by the sensor will put the display on 'pause' and it will turn off.

The next action will turn the display back on, returning to the first of your data screens.

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