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Getting Used to Your Eyewear
Getting Used to Your Eyewear

A few tips to help you enjoy your new ActiveLook eyewear

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It usually takes a little less than 5 minutes to get used to the display. We find it's best to focus on your surroundings first, before trying to focus on the display.

Take a moment after you've fit your eyewear to your face and then look ahead, into the distance.

When you feel comfortable, glance over at the display, inside the lens on your left. Your information will appear there, as you shift your gaze toward it. And when you look away, it will recede and disappear, as if by magic.

Your brain naturally helps you so that the process becomes natural and seamless. Pretty cool, right?

The correct image position

The correct position is the position that works for you; everyone's is slightly different.

The ActiveLook display size is fixed and the display is:

  • easily accessible - close to the center of the field of vision.

  • not distracting - slightly offset so that it does not interfere with one's natural gaze.

You can think of the display as a virtual ‘sign’ on the side of the road that only comes into view if you choose to look at it.

Even as the image is fixed, you can tune its position. Use the ActiveLook application to find the position that provides the sharpest clarity for you.

Safety first

You will not see videos, pop-up notifications, or anything other than the information you expect to see when you expect to see it. You also won't need to look down or away at a smart watch or fitness tracker. In this way, you can safely keep the focus on what you're doing without distraction.

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