Your glasses are highly adjustable, so begin by taking a few minutes to fine tune them to your preferred fit. It may take a few tries before you find a view that's just right.

The image display should eventually be visible inside the lens of your right eye only, slightly to the left of the center of your field of vision.

How to find the correct position:

1) Put the glasses on using two hands and then move them slowly as follows (refer to graphic below):

  1. tilt them forward and backward by raising and lowering the rear part of the temples (IE temple tips) from the top to the bottom of your ears

  2. move them straight up and down in front of your eyes

3) Identify the correct position

Find the position where you can see the image display in its entirety, including the 4 dots on all sides of the image.

4) Adjust the tunable part of the glasses

Maintain the glasses in this target position and then:

  1. firmly bend the flexible temples so that they lie on your ears in the desired position.

  2. Adjust the nose pad so that glasses are placed at the correct vertical level in front of your eyes.

    Depending on your glasses model you may need to swap the nose pad out for a wider or narrower pad.

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