ActiveLook + Apple Watch

How to use ActiveLook eyewear with a compatible Apple Watch

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See performance data in real time right in your field of view.

Track running dynamics without slowing down, breaking stride, or stopping to read your watch.

Time, distance, calories: set your goal and go.

Configure your display preferences.

Define your 3 dashboards, picking your preferred metrics out of more than 20 available : Distance, Time, Speed, Running Cadence, Running Power, Running Pace, Heart rate, Altitude, Elevation, Contact Ground Time, Stride Length, Vertical Oscillation, and more.

Touch or Touchless interface.

Touch: When an ActiveLook session is live, switch your view to the metric that you want to see first by simply tapping on the Apple Watch.

Touchless: Pass your hand in front of ActiveLook eyewear's built-in gesture sensor to swipe through the watch screens.

Install ActiveLook for Apple Watch.


1) Update your glasses

First, make sure the ActiveLook app is up-to-date.

  • Disconnect your glasses from the Apple Watch by force-closing the ActiveLook watch application.

  • Then connect the ActiveLook mobile application to your glasses. (Click here to find your installation link.)

  • The app will search for any available update and install it.

(Note that the mobile application also contains the fit guide for your glasses, and manages firmware updates - now is the time to update firmware, if prompted.)

2) Install and set up the Apple Watch application

Your watch application will automatically install when you install the ActiveLook iOS application on your iPhone. Click here to find the installation link.

Important: On first use you will be prompted to give data authorization to the ActiveLook app, IE location, heart rate, Bluetooth. Make sure to *toggle ON* all switches, only then click ‘yes’.

Note: ActiveLook is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and later.

3) Connect your ActiveLook eyewear with the Apple Watch

  • Turn on your ActiveLook eyewear.

  • Open the ActiveLook application from your Apple Watch.

  • Tap the eyewear icon on the main screen to scan for available eyewear.

  • When prompted, click your model number to enable pairing. The same number will be displayed by the eyewear (you'll need to put them on to see).

  • If your glasses need an update, see here.

  • The connection is successful when you see the following:

    • On the watch: a yellow check mark.

    • On the glasses: a 'Ready?' message in the display.

If your glasses aren't detected or connected, check for a solution here.

4) Set a target for your workout

  • Open the ActiveLook app on your Apple Watch

  • Select your sport: Running or Cycling.

  • Tap either of the yellow target zone to define a target for your session.

  • Choose Time, Distance, Calories, or Free (i.e., no target).

  • Use + / - or the crown to adjust your target.

  • Tap 'Go' to start your workout session.

5) Configure your data screens

  • Open the ActiveLook application on your Apple Watch.

  • Swipe the home screen to display the Settings screen to the left.

  • Select your sport under the 'data fields' header (running or cycling).

  • Select one of your two available data options (yellow button 1 or 2).

  • Tap within the first rectangular field and choose your data type from the drop down list.

  • Repeat the step for the next two fields.

  • When you're done with your edits, tap 'Validate'.

  • When an ActiveLook session is live, you can now toggle between the selected data fields by tapping the Apple Watch, or using the touchless gesture control in ActiveLook eyewear

6) My ActiveLook eyewear won't connect, what's next ?

There are different reasons why your glasses would not connect to your Apple Watch:

  1. Are your glasses powered-on and sufficiently charged ?

    Ensure 'Searching...' is displayed by your ActiveLook glasses.

  2. Are your glasses already connected to another device ?
    Your glasses can connect to one device (data source) at a time. You need to disconnect your glasses from any other device or application before your Apple Watch is able to connect to it - this includes your iPhone. To do so, force-close (kill) any ActiveLook compatible applications that may have connected to it.

    To disconnect from a Garmin device, you need to exit the Garmin activity (application) into which your ActiveLook datafield is installed.

  3. Your watch has registered another pair of glasses and searches for it ?

    • Tap the glass icon on the your watch application

    • Tap 'new glasses' button to launch a new scan.

  4. Your glasses may simply be in 'quiet mode' (display off).

    • Wave your hand in front of the sensor in order to swipe to an active data page.

    • OR: swipe right / left on your watch to navigate to an active data page.

    Note that the gesture sensor may be de-activated on your glasses. To check the status and activate it back, tap the glass icon and check 'sensor' status in the menu.

7) Some data won't display ?

Missing heart rate, or distance, or cadence in the application ? You may have inadvertently dismissed the 'authorizations' screens at first app install. It's necessary to not only click 'Yes' but pay attention to toggle all switches 'ON'.

2 options to fix this:

  • Uninstall the watch app. Then, during the whole reinstall process, watch carefully for the prompt and ensure you toggle all switches ON.

  • Enable health data access (access to heart rate data, localisation, distance, speed etc.) :

    • 1) On your iPhone, open "Settings" > "Privacy"

    • 2) Choose "Health", search for ActiveLook WatchApp (Yellow logo) and ensure *all* toggles are ON. Then tap "back".

    • 3) Choose "Bluetooth", search for ActiveLook app and ensure toggle is ON. Then tap "back".

    • 4) Choose "Location Services", search for ActiveLook app and ensure "While Using the App" is enabled.

    • 5) Choose "Motion & Fitness", search for ActiveLook app and ensure toggle is ON. Then tap "back".

8) About data accuracy

  • Your watch requires a few seconds to calculate a value for highly variable data types such as speed or pace.

  • The accuracy of the data is linked to the quality of your GPS signal : You may experience some temporary shift in speed or pace linked to the signal quality, based on your location.

  • The evaluation of running pace requires a minimum of 8min/km to deliver stable data.

  • On very bumpy terrain the elevation gain/loss may miss accuracy.

The values presented by ActiveLook eyewear are indicative. Stay tuned - we are continuously working on improving the ActiveLook experience.

9) Retrieving workout session data on an iPhone

  • To visualize your workout session data open the 'Fitness' app on your iPhone.

Note that as of now the the ActiveLook application on mobile runs independently from the watch application.

Are we missing something ? Please tell us, we'll add it.

Thank you !

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