Connect and Install the Fast Checkout plugin in 6 simple steps. Follow the steps below, and start using the Ad Up Fast Checkout right away!

Starting With The WooCommerce Connection

Go to your WordPress backend on WooCommerce and go to "settings". Then click on "Advanced" and then on "REST API".

Create An API Connection

Click on ''Add Key''. Then give the API connection a name of your choice and give the connection the rights to read/write. Generate your API key, then copy the Customer Key and Customer Secret in a separate document.

Connect In The Ad Up Backend

Log in to your Ad Up account, click on ''CMS''. Select WooCommerce. At End key (this is what we use to connect) enter the URL of your shop and add: /wp-json/wc/v3/ Example: Then fill in the API key and the API secret (the codes you copied earlier). Save these settings.

🥳 You're now ready to use our social commerce checkout!

Based on the API we will create the landing pages and make sure the orders are pushed to your WooCommerce backend.


Looking for a Fast Checkout on your webshop? It's easy!

Installing The Plugin

Go to Plugins in your WooCommerce platform, click ''Add New'' and choose "Upload new". Select the plugin which you can download below. Install and activate the plugin.

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Finishing The Installation

A button will now appear on the left side to go to your "Ad Up Settings Page". Enter your company ID here (you'll find it in our registration flow & your Ad Up dashboard). Select which options you want to use from our plugin (You can also adjust the color of our fast checkout button). Save your data, you have now successfully installed the Ad Up Fast Checkout!

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