• 1

    Starting the connection

    Click on ''systems'' and then ''integrations'' in your Magento backend. Click on ''Add integration''

  • 2

    Create a connection 1

    Give the connection a name, and fill in your password. Then click on API on the left side.

  • 3

    Create a connection 2

    Click on API on the left side and give full access by selecting ''All'' at Recourse access. Now click ''Save'' in the top right corner

  • 4

    Activating your API credentials

    Click in the integrations menu on ''activate'', click on ''allow' in the top right corner. Here you will find your API credentials.

  • 5

    Finding your API credentials

    You can see your API credentials. Copy your Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret in a document.

  • 6

    Start the integration

    Go to your Ad Up backend, go to ''Webshop CMS'' under ''Integrations''. Change API type to Magento. At the end key, fill in your webshop URL followed by /rest/V1/ Example: https://www.yourwebshop.com/rest/V1/

    Start API integration

  • 7

    Finish API integration

    Fill in your Consumer key at API Key and fill in your Consumer Secret at API Key. Save the settings

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