If you don't have a webshop yet or just don't want to set up an entire webshop to sell your products, Ad Up offers the Embedded Checkout (one of the many features).

The three different categories that are changeable can be seen on the left side of the picture above. These categories will be shortly explained.

  • Header; The Title, Sub text, and Image / Image URL can be changed here. This will end up in your Embedded Checkout. It is possible to make up to four headers.

  • Background; The background of your Embedded Checkout can be changed here. Either use a default design or create your own custom design. When creating a custom design, it is possible to select your background picture (through URL or uploading) and the background color overlay.

  • Colors; Every color can be chosen to give the Embedded Checkout your own style. From the header to the background and every button/text on there, it can all be changed to your preferred color. By using color codes, any colour can be chosen specifically.

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