If you don't have a webshop yet or don't want to set up an entire webshop to sell your products, Ad Up offers the Embedded Checkout (one of the many features).

Step 1, copy this code into your website source <head>: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://adup.io/embed_checkout/fast-checkout-script.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://adup.io/embed_checkout/fast-checkout-style.css">

Step 2, copy this code into your website source <body>: <div id="fast-checkout-win-background" class="fast-checkout-win-background-class"><div class="fast-checkout-msg"><div class="fast-checkout-logo"><img src="https://www.adup.io/embed_checkout/checkout_icon.png" width="80"></div><div><p>Oh no! Can't see the checkout window anymore?</p><p><a id="fast-checkout-focus-trigger" class="fast-checkout-focus-trigger" onclick="popup.focus(); return false;">Click here</a></p></div></div></div>

Step 3, copy the Embedded Checkout link you can find in your Ad Up backend. You can find it at ''products'' by clicking on the orange block with an arrow (see picture above).

Step 4, Replace Place_Link_Here in the following text with the code you just copied.<a href="PLACE_LINK_HERE" onclick="fast_checkout_open( this ); return false;">Checkout</a>

Step 5, give this link to every button you want to turn into an Embedded Checkout.

Your Embedded Checkout is now installed.

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