Ad Up can be used in many different ways, we have made a list of the best features.

  1. Ad Up Fast Checkout on your product page

    When customers are on a product they want to buy but are not in de mood to take a lot of steps to finish their order, then this feature is very useful. By eliminating almost all the steps after selecting this product and going straight to payment en details, the process is much quicker and easier. Customers can finish their order directly from the product page.

  2. Ad Up Fast Checkout in your shopping cart

    When your customers want to purchase multiple different products the Fast Checkout should still be available for a quick and easy purchase. That is why it is also possible to use the Fast Checkout directly from the preview of your shopping cart and shopping cart.

  3. Ad Up Fast Checkout in advertisement (Online link & Offline QR code)

    It is also possible to use the Ad Up Fast Checkout on places besides your webshop. By synchronising your products in the Ad Up backend, it is possible to get one-click payment links/QR codes for your products. This way you can add this link to an online advertisement of that product so people can order directly from the advertisement. The QR code can be used to put in flyers or on other objects your potential customers see.

  4. Ad Up Fast Checkout instead of your normal checkout

    If your customers are getting used to the Ad Up Fast Checkout, and your normal checkout isn't even needed any more there is also a solution. Within your webshop backend, you can choose to replace your entire checkout with the Ad Up Fast Checkout. This way every customer will use the Ad Up fast checkout and experience an optimized checkout.

  5. Ad Up Embedded Checkout

    If you don't have a webshop yet or don't want to set up an entire webshop to sell your products, Ad Up offers the Embedded Checkout feature. This way you can add your product to the Ad Up Backend, and sell in the Ad Up shop instead of maintaining a full webshop. By using our Embedded Checkout, it is possible to turn every button on your website into a checkout.

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