Social Commerce:

When your customers shop you want them to be able to purchase items directly. With social media, however, it will take a lot of steps and a lot of different pages to get from the product to the checkout. This is the reason Ad Up has created the opportunity for businesses to use the one-click checkout on social media directly from the point of discovery. This way your customers do not need to go through many different pages with an insane amount of clicks and give a lot of personal details.

Most shoppers are on social media, and this must be considered. Although this number is increasing, when you want to buy something through social media it will look something like this:

Normal social media shopping:

-You click on the product you want to buy

-You're redirected to a website where you can either click on the product directly or find the product yourself

-You need to add it to cart

-You need to go to your cart

-You have to fill in your personal/billing details.

-You have to select your payment method

-Finishing your order, and because it has taken so long you are disrupted in what you were doing.

Weird isn’t it? Such an important process with this much of unnecessary clicks. Not only is it annoying and time-consuming for consumers, but it also costs businesses some of their potential customers. The Ad Up social commerce checkout changed the way of ordering through social media. When using the Ad Up Social Commerce Checkout, your experience will look something like this:

Ad Up social media shoppen

-You click on the product you want to buy

-You're redirected to the one-click checkout

-You finish your order

The benefits for businesses as well as Consumers:



Increased Revenue because of the higher conversion

Immediate opportunity to purchase something when you want to.

More customer satisfaction by improving their social commerce experience

Easy fulfilment of your needs by offering an easy and simple checkout

Data insights

Leaving less personal details in comparison with a normal checkout

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