Below, you will find a step by step guide for a quick and easy integration of Fanmiles into your Shopify store. 

Please note that this process must be done for each individual shop, no matter if there are many, per company.

STEP 1: Download the Fanmiles Shopify App

From your Shopify store, install the Shopify Fanmiles app

STEP 2: Enter your Domain

In the ‘Install’ field, enter your stores’ “myshopify” domain.

Here is an example of what a typical myshopify domain looks like:

 STEP 3: Click to Install

Click the install button, and you will automatically be redirected to your shops’ Shopify dashboard.

STEP 4: Install the App 

Click the ‘Install unlisted app’ button at the bottom of your shops’ Shopify dashboard.

STEP 5: Install Confirmation

Upon successful install, you will be directed to a confirmation page.

 STEP 6: Go to App Settings

On the install confirmation page, click on ‘Fanmiles Connect’ in order to be redirected to your app setting page.

STEP 7: Fill out the Form 

Once you are in app settings, you will find a form asking to fill in your App ID & Secret. If you have not already received this information from your Account Manager, please contact them so that you are able to fill out this section and move onto the next step.

STEP 8: Set your Fanmiles Redemption Rate

In the same form from the last step, you are asked to fill in how many Fanmiles a user receives, per euro spent. This is up to you, but we recommend at least 10 Fanmiles per euro. To finish your form, read the terms & conditions and press save.

If everything is done correctly and your App ID & Secret are valid, you will see a message pop up at the bottom of the page reading “Done Successfully.” Please note that if the App ID and/or Secret is entered incorrectly and then saved, you will unfortunately need to reinstall the app.

STEP 9: Send us your Redirect URL 

To complete the integration, send your redirect URL to your Fanmiles Account Manager.

STEP 10: Test your Integration 

Once you have successfully set up your Fanmiles Shopify App, it is time to test your integration. Start a checkout process and purchase one of your products. Fanmiles will only be visible after your customers have successfully completed their purchase, with the intention of not influencing your checkout conversions. 

Once your customers have successfully completed their checkout and payment, they will see the Fanmiles Connect Button on the left side of their post-checkout page. 

In order to claim their Fanmiles, your customers simply click the connect button in order to connect your shop purchase with their existing Fanmiles Wallet or to create a new one. 

If it all works, then congratulations -  you have successfully integrated Fanmiles with your Shopify store!

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