A lot of stories start in text writing software such as Microsoft word or Google Docs. This is a great way of focusing on the story you want to tell and just the words themselves.

When you're ready to move on from a written story to a living, breathing video you can run into some formatting issues.

While it is possible to simply copy [ctrl+c or cmd+c] and paste [ctrl+v or cmd+v] directly into the timeline there are some things you can do to prepare your document in the best way:

  • Remove formatting such as bullet point lists

  • Remove text treatments such as bold or italics

  • Copy and paste 1 paragraph at a time

  • Remove special characters and write our dates, times and numbers the way they would be read aloud. For more information on this please see the special characters help guide:

  • https://intercom.help/adme-ab/en/articles/5615291-script-writing-special-characters

  • Simply put, remove as much software specific formatting as possible to just have clean text you're copying into the timeline.

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