When you start a project you're immediately treated to a blank timeline where you can start writing your script. Above it you'll see your library with all the content available to you.

If you're a user with several different libraries see our guide here to get access to them all: https://intercom.help/adme-ab/en/articles/5615387-library-library-selection

To start using the library and getting an overview simply start scrolling to see what's available.

To get a preview of a specific clip, hover over it, and it will play on a loop.

When you hover over a clip you will also see its Clip ID in the top left corner.

If you've got more specific ideas of what you're looking for, simply go to the search bar, above the timeline and type in what you're looking for.

All clips in the library are keyword tagged to help you find what you're looking for, for more information on using the keyword tagging feature to help build your video see our guide here: https://intercom.help/adme-ab/en/articles/5615377-timeline-keyword-tagging

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