With the absence of Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics connection, you will only be able to run link click campaigns.

If the objective of running ads is one of the following, you must connect your Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics to your Adriel account.

  • To run conversions campaigns e.g. to maximize the number of sales, number of consultations etc.
  • To observe how many conversions were acquired through your ads.

If Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics is connected, Adriel will automatically select appropriate campaign objective based on the daily budget, installed events etc.

When you link a Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel Account, you can get the conversion goals you've set up for that Analytics account.

If you've linked Analytics, but have not yet set up your conversion goals, you can also manually enter the URL of your website.

The URL you enter will be the page you want to set up as a conversion goal, such as a booking page or a shopping cart page on your website that you've set as your landing page.

For ads targeting conversions, a daily budget of $50 or more is required. If you do not have a budget that's above a certain level on Facebook or Instagrams, you may not be able to gain as much impressions due to lower rankings in bid competition.

Learn how to connect each tracker:
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Check out frequently asked questions about connecting trackers. 

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