There are 2 options for creating lead ads:

  1. Create one yourself or 2. Delegate to Adriel

Option 1: Creating a 'New campaign' yourself.

1. Log in to Adriel and 'Create your own campaign'.

2. Select 'Lead form' and click 'OK'.

3. Complete the lead form settings, then click 'Next Step'.

  • This is where your potential customers will be directed to after clicking your ads

4. Select your advertising platforms.

5. Create your ads with relevant ad copy & images, then click 'Next Step'.

  • Your Facebook Page must be connected to your Adriel account in order to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

6. Complete the audience settings, then click 'Next'.

  • You can target your audience by age, gender, Income, location etc.
  • "Audience Interests" - Only for Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • "Search Keywords" - Only for Google ads.

7. Complete ad schedule & budget settings, then click 'Launch This Campaign'.

Option 2: 'Delegate to Adriel'.

1. Log in to Adriel and select 'Delegate to Adriel'.

2. Select 'Lead form' and complete the form, then click 'Request'.

  • We will be selecting relevant images, texts & keywords, based on the information that you provide us.

Please click here for more information about 'Delegate to Adriel'.

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