This article covers the following:

  1. What is TripAdvisor / Viator and how it works

  2. How to activate the integration in Adventure Bucket List

  3. How to map the products in your Trip Advisor Account.


Adventure Bucket List allows you to connect your offerings and availabilities to TripAdvisor Experiences / Viator, allowing last-minute sales through their marketplace while you manage your availabilities and bookings through Adventure Bucket List.

Viator - A TripAdvisor Company, is an online marketplace for tours, activities, and
attractions for travelers. They reach 350 million travel planners every month through Viator, TripAdvisor, 3,000 affiliate partners and over 175,000 travel agents. Viator automatically shares your availability with TripAdvisor. When you become a Viator supplier, you automatically receive a “Book a Tour” or “Check Availability” button to your TripAdvisor page and vice versa.

Setting up your TripAdvisor / Viator account

To connect with TripAdvisor / Viator, you first need a contract and supplier account created. If you already have an account, skip to the next section. Otherwise, this is where you have to agree to their terms and conditions as well as negotiate a commission. Adventure Bucket List is not involved in this process, nor do we have any influence over their final decision.

To apply visit this page:

Please select Adventure Bucket List as your reservation system, making easier for TripAdvisor / Viator to find you on the waiting list and map your activities.


How To Setup In Adventure Bucket List

Step 1:

Click on the gear icon on the left hand navigation, then select settings. 

From there click on the integrations tab and select TripAdvisor / Viator Integration.

Step 2:
As a first step, if you need to enable the integration by selecting the checkbox. 

**Note, if you do not already have an account with TripAdvisor / Viator, you will need to create that first. You can click the hyperlink on the page or click here to signup. If you run into any issues with your TripAdvisor account, please contact their support for assistance.

Step 3:
Once you have activated the feature, you will need to add in 3 pieces of information; your company name, email address and website.

**Make sure
that this information matches the details you have in your TripAdvisor / Viator account!

** When enabled for the first time, it can take up to 72hrs for the connection to be established with your supplier account, you'll be notified by TripAdvisor directly when successful. If you need to adjust anything with the integration or have questions, please contact TripAdvisor directly.

Step 4:
Once your connection has been approved by TripAdvisor you will receive an email notifying you and then you need to map your products to your Adventure Bucket List account. You can see those steps below to map your products manually or reach out to Adventure Bucket List for support.


How To Setup In TripAdvisor

Step 1: Connect your account to Adventure Bucket List

Login to your account and click your company name then select Account.

Then click connectivity, select connect account and scroll down to Adventure Bucket List and press save.

**Note, TripAdvisor will be responsible for adding in the API key with the connection. Once that is done, you can start mapping your products.

Step 2: Map Products

Mapping products is only possible, once the API key has been added for your connection with ABL. Once added, click on the products tab on the top.

Then select the Product Connection tab and click on manage.

Step 3: Map Products

In the pop up click on the select a product hyperlink.

Then you can search for the corresponding product within the Adventure Bucket List system. Once selected click select.

Step 4: Map the times of the events

Then you need to map your event times, you should see the options for which events you want to map.

Make sure the times correspond between the two systems.

Step 5: Finalize

Lastly press connect and you will see in your section the product connectivity status. Once it says connected, everything is ready to go!

** If you run into any issues while mapping the products in your TripAdvisor account, please contact your TripAdvisor contact for help. Unfortunately, Adventure Bucket List cannot assist with this portion of the connection.


Important Notes!

🔔 You need an account with TripAdvisor in order to complete the integration. This involves creating an account and loading in your tours into their system. From there you will map the tours from their system to your Adventure Bucket List Account.

🔔 Viator does not use Adventure Bucket List to process payments, rather they process the payments directly through their own processors and then send this information to Adventure Bucket List. We then create the booking in the dashboard with the details entered.

🔔 The amount paid by the customer through Viator is different from the amount sent over to Adventure Bucket List. This is due to fees charged by Viator for using their service. Due to API restrictions, Adventure Bucket List does not have access to a breakdown of those fees and cannot display them anywhere in your account. Viator only provides the booking net amount that is the total amount payable to the supplier for one booking. As a result, you should use Viator for your reporting purposes when it comes to those bookings.

🔔 If you run into any issues while mapping the products in your TripAdvisor account, please contact your TripAdvisor contact for help. 

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