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If you need to migrate a long list of advertisers to Affise, there is no need to do it manually one by one: for this purpose, you can always use our Import tool, which will save your time.

❗ Make sure that every step of the guide is clear to you and followed respectively. Take your time. Advertisers’ import is usually used to upload a great amount of data. That’s why Affise strongly recommends you to make sure that the file is uploaded correctly: if a list of Advertisers is uploaded in the wrong way, you’ll have to edit the whole list manually after all.

How to import Advertisers in Affise?

To start the import, in the list of advertisers, click Import Advertisers. An import window appears.

The requirements:

  • The .CSV format of the uploaded file.

  • The data must have the semicolon ( ; ) or a comma ( , ) separator.

❗ If you use some other separator, all data are aggregated in one column, and the system doesn't arrange it by types. You will need to delete all imported data and upload it again.

  • Each type of data must be indicated in a separate column in the file.

  • As a rule, you will need the following fields:

    • Company - a mandatory field. Advertiser’s company name.

    • Country - Advertiser’s country location.

    • Contact person - Advertiser’s contact person name.

    • IM/Skype - Advertiser’s Skype name.

    • Manager - Manager’s (user’s) email.

    • Site - advertiser’s site URL (if there is one).

    • Note - Any note you’d like to keep for a specific Advertiser.

    • Password - Password for advertiser’s account.

    • City - Advertiser’s city location.

    • Email - Advertiser’s email address.

Also, you can always update your file with the following additional fields if needed: Allowed IPs, Address 1/ Address 2, Zip code, VAT code.

Select the Import with headers flag, if you have a header (name) for each type of data in the very first row, in the file. Once the flag is checked, the import is carried out starting from the second row.

Click Choose file to upload the file from your device and pick up the needed file. A matching window appears.

The From your file column stands for values arranged in columns in the .CSV file.

The In our system column stands for the type of data in Affise, in the offer settings.

You need to match values in the .CSV file and types of data in Affise. The system takes the data from columns one by one.

Click Approve column to confirm that values to the left are considered as the selected type of data.

Click Exclude column if you want the system to ignore the values in the column.

Once you're ready with matching, you can either review the matching or approve the arrangement of values by the type of data.

Click Create ... new rows to start importing advertisers. Click Back to edit mode if you want to change the arrangement.

The progress bar for the file uploading is shown. You can interrupt the uploading by clicking the cross icon.

Once the file is uploaded, the system starts importing values. Then you see how many advertisers are uploaded.

Advertiser's import can take some time if it involves a great amount of data. Just take your time and let the import proceed.

You can always check your user activity logs to make sure that the import was successful.

❗ Only the user with the Admin role has access to the 'User activity log' section.

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If you have more questions on How to import Advertisers in Affise, feel free to contact the Affise Support Team via support@affise.com or your Dedicated Account Manager.

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