How do I update my application?
Updated over a week ago
  1. Go to and click "Update Application" and sign into your account using your username and password

  2. Once you are logged in you can see all of your applications. Once you find the application you want to update click on the three dots and then click "Update Application"

  3. Add any new information that might have changed since your last update by clicking on "edit" for each section. (Make sure to answer any question with an asterisk * otherwise you wont be able to submit your application.)

  4. On the final page click "Review Application" to make sure all the information is correct

  5. Review and agree to the the terms of use by clicking "Tap to Sign" then submit your updated application.

Tip: Make sure you keep your information current at all times so that the housing agency is able to reach you. If they are unable to reach you for any reason, they can remove your application from the waiting list.

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