Currently our mobs and individual animals are run separately on AgriWebb. Our goal is to link these together, but for now we have a workaround for you!

Movement Record

You can use the Individual Movement record to assign a paddock or field to the individual animal. For more information on this see our Individual Movement Record article.


You can also use the VID or EID box to enter in the mob this animal is associated with. This will appear on your animals record card. Alternatively, if the above fields are being used, you can use the Tattoo or Brand field.

Mobile App

Tap Livestock > Individual Animals and select the '>' next to the selected animal; this will bring up their animal ID card. Select Edit in the bottom left corner.

Input the mob or paddock name into your chosen field (VID, EID, Brand or Tattoo). Tap Save.

Web App

Select Livestock > Individuals, this will bring up your individual animals list. Select Edit next to the animal you wish to change.

Input the mob or paddock name into your chosen field and Save. This new information will now be visible on your individual animals list.

Note: Use the Customise Columns button to select which columns are visible. See Reporting for more information on customising reports.

Bulk Updating

You can use a CSV file to bulk update your individual animal fields. See Animal Update Importer for a step by step guide.

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