When you open Shopify admin > Apps > LangShop, you will get first to the Dashboard page.

Dashboard shows the store language, translated languages, and the total number of currencies that are displayed at your storefront. Dashboard also provides you with all data translations.

The following sections are shown in the overview dashboard:

Store translations are divided into translated content, partially translated content with need attention status alert, and not translated content with incomplete status.

You can track translations for each section which shows the number of products and percentages of translated content. If you have not translated content, you can launch a new task for items that require translations in your online store and wait for LangShop to complete the translation process into the selected languages. LangShop to complete the translation process into the selected languages or use the manual translation


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Dashboard.

  2. Select a section that has less than one hundred percent.

  3. Tap Translate.

translate dashboard

4. Choose the translation method.

5. In the dialog window, select languages and categories in the advanced settings.

6. Click Translate.

Please wait for the task to complete in the background server. The time depends on the number of languages and the amount of content you manage in your online store. You can refresh Dashboard to see the information about translations.

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