LangShop keeps the translation history of all changes that you've made to your multilingual content. Whenever you edit your product title, description, metadata, the home page, navigation menu, the app will save your translation adjustments in its database.



The translation history ability is not available on the LangShop Free plan. You can purchase this ability to keep the history of translations and all the changes you've made for each language version of your Shopify store.

If, for some reason, you launched automatic translation for products, manually edited the collection's description, and you need to get previous translations back, use the following steps to get the translation you need:


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Products.

  2. Open a single product.

  3. Select the language tab.

  4. In the description field, select Translation history.


  5. Select the most efficient translation for your content from the translation history.


  6. Click Save.

The following example shows how you can find a translation history for a single product description. You can do the same actions with any text field for any language inside the app.

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