When it comes to an online store search, product, or collection organization, tags play an essential role in finding and filtering items, collections, blogs, and other tag types available in Shopify.

LangShop can translate product tags, article tags, and blog tags. You can translate store data in the original theme into five or more languages (depending on your Shopify plan) except for resource images and tags. Unfortunately, Shopify does not have native functionality translating tags. You can refer to the Shopify Help Center to check what resource types and fields are currently available for translations.

When you decide to translate your product tags and optimize the store search for other language versions in the Brooklyn theme (for example), the alert notification pops up under TAGS.


To remove the alert and improve your online store search, you need to create a LangShop theme.


Translated tags are only visible in the LangShop theme. You can preview tag translations in the original theme. However, you won't be able to search for products, collections, or blogs on the storefront.


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Themes.

  2. Select a theme.

  3. Click Actions > Duplicate Theme.

duplicate theme

4. Confirm the action by clicking Create button.

Please wait for LangShop to create a copy of your original theme and rename it to LangShop | Brooklyn (example name).

When the translation process is complete, you can update Products, Collections, or Blog Posts, translate tags into additional languages, and update your storefront.

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