LangShop theme is a duplicate (copy) of your original theme on Shopify. It is the same template that you can use and customize for your online store.

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About LangShop Theme

langshop theme

LangShop theme differs from the original theme due to its additional functionality. When you are selling in multiple languages, most likely, you want the app to translate all data in your online store into different languages, which is possible, but with the LangShop theme.

LangShop supports Shopify translation API. It is responsible for the output of the multilingual content. In other words, Shopify API displays translations to international customers that you translate with the help of LangShop.


At this time, Shopify API does not translate resource tags, images, and static text a lot of merchants use in their original themes like Debut, Brooklyn, or any other theme build by third-party developers.

LangShop theme is optional. If you use tags, static content, and images, you will need to create a LangShop theme. It adds additional code and assets to the template engine to search for tags and display them at your storefront. You can also change images for your products (collections, blogs) and show different media files for different versions of your store.

Create LangShop theme


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Themes.

  2. Select a theme.

  3. Click Actions > Duplicate theme.

    duplicate theme

  4. The information pops up about the LangShop theme and what it does.

  5. Click Create to confirm the action.

Please wait for LangShop to create a LangShop theme.

Publish LangShop theme

After LangShop creates translated theme, you can publish it to display translations to customers.

TIP 🇫🇯

If you do not use tags, different media files, or static text, you can continue to work with the original theme.


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Themes > More themes.

  2. Select a LangShop theme.

  3. Click Actions > Publish.

    publish theme

    LangShop theme assets removal

    LangShop theme serves as a backup. If you accidentally delete the original theme, or did not make a backup reserve copy, you can restore LangShop theme to its original state.


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Themes.

  2. Select a LangShop theme.

  3. Click Actions > Revert liquid.

    revert liquid

    Please wait for the task to complete on the background server. LangShop will clean up its code, assets and blocks from the theme without touching CSS styles and the layout.

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