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Can I change images for other languages?
Can I change images for other languages?
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Yes. You can change images for products, collections, blog posts for other language versions with the LangShop theme.


If you use the original theme, images you upload for another languages won't display on the storefront. Shopify API does not translate alt texts at this time.


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Products.

  2. Select a single product.

  3. Open the language tab.

  4. Scroll the page down until you find Product images.

  5. Tap on the image.

    image picker

  6. Click Upload new image .

  7. Add or/and select the image you want to use for another language version.

    select image

  8. Click Select to upload the new image.

The same actions you can do for blogs and collections images.

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