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Translate your store with pro translation drivers

After the module installation, you can translate content with one pro translation driver and get higher quality translations (instead of automatic translation where the module uses seven machine drivers).

LangShop integrates with Google and DeepL translation drivers. For this, you need to have a paid subscription and a generated API key in your account that you can enable in LangShop Settings > Translation drivers.

Edit translations manually

You have full access to edit translations manually for each version of your store.


  1. From your LangShop admin, go to Translations > Product.

You can select any other category where you want to edit translations.

2. Select a product from the list.

3. Open the language tab.

4.Start editing product info.

5.Click Save.


Save your time by translating your store with powerful machine translation.


  1. Go to Dashboard > Auto-translation

  2. Click ‘Translate’ button

  3. Select categories that you want to translate. It's better to choose all of them, in order not to return to this question.

  4. Click ‘Translate’ button

Order translations with TextMaster

If you don't want to spend a lot of time translating your online store into five or more languages, the module took care of integration with the translation agency. You can order the top-notch translations performed by native speakers and professional translators.

To submit items for translation:

  1. Go to the targeted category (products, collections, etc..)

  2. Select items for agency translation using checkboxes

  3. Add items to a cart by clicking the “Add to cart” button in the Action menu

  4. Select a language for translation and click “Add to cart”

  5. Proceed checkout on the “Agency translation” page.”

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