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How can I install a widget on my website?
How can I install a widget on my website?
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Our widget is a very useful tool that shows data from an Airly sensor on your website.

To put a widget on to your website go to and choose a sensor you are interested in.

After selecting the sensor, a window with measurement details and icons appears on the left side. Click on the icon next to the heart image:

After clicking on the selected icon, another window should appear:

The configuration is very intuitive. Changes you make are immediately shown on the left part of the screen.

The possible adjustment options:

  1. Visual parameters- height and width. You can determine them by entering the appropriate numeric value or setting the widget to automatically adjust to the size of the window in which it is currently displayed.

  1. Display parameters - here you can decide what the widget looks like. It can show only the CAQI value with an appropriate colour. You can also select "All parameters", which will show detailed information (see the picture below).

After selecting "all parameters " you can uncheck "display CAQI”.

If you select this option your widget looks like this:

The code generated at the end needs to be pasted into the appropriate place on your website so the widget can be displayed there.

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